Weatherman Almost Impaled Reporting On Hurricane

Weatherman Almost Impaled Reporting On Hurricane

America’s hurricane season typically brings floods, death and destruction. It also brings some pretty startling vision of weather reporters brave enough to venture out in the middle of them.

And Hurricane Michael that’s currently battering the Florida coast is again giving us just that, with The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore having a very close call as a six-foot long spear-like piece of debris came dangerously close to impaling him live to air. Check out Cantore’s near miss below:

However, there’s some cynics out there that suggest Cantore’s near miss may have been staged, with someone throwing the missile at him from the sidelines. Adding to the suspicion, the camera does appear to pan to the right as the lump of metal flies in.

Viewers quickly taking to twitter to suggest the stunt was staged. “Seriously… looks like somebody off camera tossed that 2×4 in his direction! Standing in 100+ mph wind, with driving rain whipping into his face and eyes…….he saw that coming pretty easily!” wrote one.

While another added: “Almost got speared? The 2×4 was nowhere near him. Plus it looks like someone tossed it from off camera. These guys are trying too hard to be the news.”

“Staged. He had someone throw it,” wrote another.

And let’s be honest, some weathermen have been known to trick up their efforts on-air.

Last month, The Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel was accused of faking the ferocity of his live report on Hurricane Florence.

Seidel can be seen battling to stand-up against the torrential rains and gale force wins. That was until eagle-eyed viewers noticed two pedestrians nonchalantly stroll passed Seidel chatting away on their mobiles. Check it out below:



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