B&T Asked 100 Media, Marketing And Advertising Folk For Their Thoughts On The Industry, Here’s What They Told Us

B&T Asked 100 Media, Marketing And Advertising Folk For Their Thoughts On The Industry, Here’s What They Told Us

As part of B&T’s Melbourne Bootcamp, presented by MediaCom, that went down this week, guests were invited to pick the brains of our eight awesome mentors.

The conversations were no holds barred, as guests quizzed industry experts on what they see as the big issues and how to navigate the often challenging media and marketing landscape.

Rather than letting all this knowledge go to waste, we asked our 100 guests to share some of their main takeaways with us. Here’s what they said.

“Learning and earning” – The relationship between learning and earning was a recurring theme throughout the day. We all now know how important it is to take a ‘lifelong learning’ approach to our careers, but at the end of the day bills still need to be paid. The ultimate outcome, therefore, is to learn while you earn, whether that be through the informal lessons you have day-to-day while in the office or from formal education.

“Hire for passion, not just ‘talent'” – In the battle between passion and talent, passion will always win out. When building successful teams, it is important to look for workers that are willing to buy into the cause, rather than simply selecting those who appear to be the most qualified.

“If you’re giving more to a role than it’s giving you, it’s time to rethink” – This was another common theme throughout the day. Employment should be a mutualistic relationship. It is important to stop every now and then to take stock of what you are getting out of your job. Ask yourself: “Am I getting more out of the company or is it getting more out of me?”

“We don’t need to drink to be creative” – While many have been conditioned to think the only way to get through an event is with a drink in hand, this is no longer the way. But if you want the security of holding onto the drink without the alcohol, remember you can always stick some lime into soda water and no one will be any the wiser.

“The future is flexibility” – A flexible workplace is no longer as much of a drawcard, as it is fast-becoming the norm. Workers now expect to be given flexibility when it comes to getting their work done and employers should respect this. Work/life balance matters.

“Stay up-to-date with the industry trends” – Whether it be the next piece of technology or knowing who’s who in the industry, it’s important to stay on top of the hottest trends. This can be as simple as reading up on all the industry news (preferably on bandt.com.au) or getting out there and speaking with new people.

“Be authentic as a leader” – Find the balance between patience and bulldozing towards progression. Remember to own your narrative, rather than simply modelling your leadership style on someone else.

“Success is a bad teacher” – Just because someone or something has been successful, doesn’t mean it is a good example. We learn more from our failures than our successes.

“It’s never worth losing your morals or your manners when dealing with other people” – Staying true to yourself was another big theme. Your values add value so don’t simply conform to a culture you don’t necessarily agree with.

“At the end of the day it’s advertising, have fun” – This one is pretty self-explanatory.


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