Vote For Others (Or Yourself) For B&T’s 30 Under 30 People’s Choice Award!

Vote For Others (Or Yourself) For B&T’s 30 Under 30 People’s Choice Award!

The young whippersnappers charging their way through the industry with heads down and bums up are set to gather in a room that will no doubt exude millennial-fuelled energy at the end of May at B&T’s 30 Under 30 Awards, all presented by The Newspaper Works.

Just under 200 people from agencies, brands and media outlets all around our great nation poured over the entry forms, filling them out in acute detail, dotting their ‘i’s and crossing their ‘t’s.

Facebook, Nine, Fairfax, Vice, GroupM and News Corp are just a few of the plethora of companies who have put up some of their young gun employees for a chance at the eternal glory that comes with a 30 Under 30 win.

And now, even before the judging has been finalised, you have the chance to stuff the ballot-box for all your friends and colleagues who have allowed themselves to be scrutinised by the illustrious industry judges.


Or, if you’re one of the courageous 192 who is waiting with bated breath to find out whether the title is embossed with your name, you can vote for yourself in the People’s Choice award for 30 Under 30.

Check out the categories and all those who entered in the survey below and get clicking.

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A massive thank you to all our judges for taking the time to decide who are the worthy winners.

Denis Mamo – Ursa Clememger

Matt Robinson – AnalogFolk

Kate Chaffer – CultureZone

Nancy Hromin – CultureZone

Cassie Sacks – We-People

David Hovenden – B&T

Cyril Louis – Holler

Elissa Good-Omozusi – GroupM

Gaye Steel – Macleay College

Tim Addington – Tag PR

Nicole McInnes – Pandora

Lorraine Murphy – The Remarkables

Martin Cowie – OMD

Graham Christie – Big Mobile

Jeremy Knibbs – Wronghat Media

Chris Freel – Fairfax Media

Louise Higgins – Nova Entertainment

Carolyn Maloney – MAD People

Stewart Gurney – PHD

Ian Czencz – Match Media

Mark Frain – MCN

Heath Campanaro – Imagination

Julie Dormand – Mercerbell

Linda Wong – Media Federation

Norelle Goldring – GfK


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