US Vogue Endorses Hillary (For President, Not For Fashion)

US Vogue Endorses Hillary (For President, Not For Fashion)

US Vogue has taken the unusual step of commenting on politics by officially endorsing Hillary Clinton as the next US president.

You can read the magazine’s full public statement here.

Although no actual name is attached to the endorsement, it’s widely believed that it’s the work of the magazine’s editor Anna Wintour who is unashamed Hillary fan despite the future President’s penchant for bad shoes and pantsuits.

Vogue regularly gives positive press to Democrat candidates and Clinton herself has been profiled in the magazine no less than six times. Wintour has held fundraises for the party and has reportedly donated her own money to Clinton’s 2016 campaign.

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The 66 year old Wintour was also recently seen wearing a T-shirt with Clinton’s faced emblazoned across it to a fashion event.

According to Vogue’s own media kit the US edition (there are 23 global editions) of the magazine sells 1.2 million copies a month and has a readership of almost 12 million a month. Although it would be safe to assume its readers were largely women and probably have an intrinsic dislike of Clinton’s rival in the race to the Whitehouse. Whether the magazine’s endorsement plays out in votes is anyone’s guess, but it arguably gives Clinton’s campaign a badly needed fashion kick along.

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