Visual Messaging Startup Mobile Digital Cuts Through The Communication Clutter With SNIPER

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Australian consumers are bombarded with communications. They are exposed to over 600 branded emails, ads, social posts and searches per day.

There is a never-ending stream of messages, calls, emails and social alerts from friends, family, colleagues and even “smart” devices.

Brands are all guilty of adding to the noise but how do you get attention when you really need it?

All much harder when 2018 research out of the USA indicates that  90 per cent of consumers don’t want you to phone them and 80 per cent don’t want your unsolicited email.

Visual messaging startup MobileDigital marketing guarantees that customers will see your message.

Their software platform, called SNIPER offers businesses a totally new DIY  utility to produce and send branded visual imagery directly to the smartphone text box, as personalized images.

Over 98 per cent of messages guaranteed to be seen and 95 per cent of messages are seen within three minutes.  Best of all, no link to click to see the imagery which is BIG  from a trust perspective as consumers become more aware of phishing, spooking a brand identity theft from SMS scammers.

MobileDigital founder and architect of SNIPER, Eibhlis Stuckey said: “By adding instant visual messaging to regular email and social communications, our customers are significantly boosting their customer engagement.

“Whether this be a major new sale, launch of a new product, a re-activation campaign or even invitations to VIP events, our customers rely on us to deliver the messages that matter.

“We are seeing click-through rates as high as 60 per cent.

“Already we have over 60 clients using the software, and we have some fantastic case studies on CTR’s and out of this world redemption and engagement.

We just set up a version of the software in the UK and opportunities for use of SNIPER are popping up everywhere.”

Temple & Webster senior marketing manager, Carole El-Rahi said: “Some customer segments don’t engage a lot with emails.

“We wanted to leverage the segmentation available to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time.

“Personalised  was a great way to reach customers who don’t normally engage with our brand via other channels.”


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