Videology Claims To Have Blocked 28 Billion Fraudulent Ads

Videology Claims To Have Blocked 28 Billion Fraudulent Ads

Hell hath no fury like a video ad company finding fraudulent bot requests.

Standing for ad fraud no more, Videology teamed up with ad security company White Ops to tackle the issue. And in the past year Videology claims to have blocked 28 billion sneaky bots requesting ads be sent to them – leading to fraudulent impressions. This would have equated to a cost of $USD553 million, roughly $AUD757 million.

Of those 28 billion requests, 87 million were located in Australia.

“Marketers invest heavily in advertising because they know it drives results,” said Scott Ferber, CEO and Founder, Videology. “When ads are delivered to bots, instead of humans, those results don’t materialise.

“That’s why we took a proactive effort in blocking bots prior to ad delivery. Refunding marketers for advertising that’s never seen by humans doesn’t accomplish their marketing goals.”

However, others think differently. Given ad fraud is a massive issue in the digital realm and one many agencies and advertisers are worrying about, it’s clear we need attempts to tackle it.

While Ferber said it doesn’t work to just refund marketers when their ads aren’t seen by a human, that’s exactly what competitor company TubeMogul launched two months ago.

Also using White Ops to determine whether an ad impression is fraudulent or not, the initiative from TubeMogul sees clients receive credits on a monthly basis for video ad impressions served where White Ops has deemed the environment fraudulent.

“We can measure all we want, but until there is clear accountability in the system, it’s hard to make significant progress on fixing the problem,” said Michael Tiffany, CEO and co-founder of White Ops, at the time of launch.

“Brands need to demand, and providers need to accept, responsibility for the elephant in the inventory. TubeMogul’s bold program is throwing down the gauntlet, and others like it will help move the industry forward.”

Tiffany also praised Videology’s attempt at tackling the issue – despite it being a different technique.

“We applaud the leadership position taken by Videology in their aggressive work to reduce the profit window of criminals who are stealing from the digital ad ecosystem,” he said.

“The savings and optimisations that Videology and White Ops have realised for their customers across the globe have made a real difference and all marketers should demand this level of effectiveness.”

Lead image via YouTube and Lord of the Rings.

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