Why VidCon Matters For Marketers

Why VidCon Matters For Marketers

In this guest post, Google Australia’s director of marketing, Aisling Finch (main photo), offers up her impressions of the wonderful VidCon convention held in Melbourne over the weekend…

Thousands of creators and fans ‘hit the play button’ at Australia’s second VidCon event in Melbourne last weekend. Among the YouTube stars and adoring crowds were a host of switched on marketers, seeking to understand the power of online video and how it can help their brand connect with audiences that matter.

Here are my main takeaways, as a marketer, on how online content, culture and creativity presents a huge opportunity for brands.

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Surprise, surprise – Aussies love online video!

You see it on the bus, in the office and most likely, in your own lounge room – Australians are leaning-in to online video. We know that more than 15 million Australians watch YouTube each month (Nielsen) and when you see the “Beatles-mania” among fans connecting with creators in real life, it’s clear that the influence is huge.

Creators like Jayden Rodrigues, one of Australia’s top YouTube creators who has a dance channel with more than one million subscribers, or Study With Jess, one of the growing stars on YouTube with 390,000-plus subscribers and 19 million views on her study skills, organisational and wellness channel are transforming the way Australians interact with content online.

And these Aussie creators are leading the way internationally, with more than 89 Australian YouTube Creators that now have over one million subscribers – which is among the highest globally per capita.


Whatever audience you want to reach, there is a community on YouTube

Whether your brand wants to connect with dog lovers or car enthusiasts, fitness fanatics or sports fans, YouTube builds communities around even the most niche areas of interest. YouTube reflects the diverse range of groups and voices that shape culture and build community.

And YouTube creators are a key part of this. They have a clear identity, purpose and audience – much like a brand. That means there are great opportunities for marketers to find those creators that align with their brand and work together.


Brands are getting onboard  

Many brands are already taking advantage of the opportunities online video presents to connect with the audiences that matter to them. Some of Australia’s leading brands joined the VidCon industry track over the weekend, using this event to connect with the creators their audiences love. The potential here is huge.

We also heard from effectiveness guru, Les Binet on the power of video – suggesting video is the most effective medium at delivering emotional impact, with best results when you combine TV and online video.

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VidCon embodies trends and data points we hear every day as marketers. It brings to life the power of online video and the way Australians are consuming content. For brands, it’s a unique insight into the content Aussies love and an opportunity to connect with the audiences that matter most to you.

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