Victoria’s Secret Latest Campaign Labelled as A Trashy Man’s Fantasy

Victoria’s Secret Latest Campaign Labelled as A Trashy Man’s Fantasy

Upmarket lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret’s advertising could hardly be called ‘vanilla’ but it’s latest online campaign has caused a ruckus after female customers complained it resembled pornography and was catering to men.

The offending image shows a model in red lingerie squirting whipped cream into her hand.


(Photo from Victoria’s Secrets’ Facebook page)

However, its female customer are apparently none to happy.

“Your customers are women, not porn stars,” one customer posted under the image. “Stop catering to men.”

Another added: “Am I the only one who notices their pictures are starting to get more trashy? They don’t even look ‘professional’ anymore they’re just awful….”

Many demanded the return of the famed Victoria Secret’s “Angels” which included some of the world’s top supermodels

“Sad that you are posting pictures like this. You are depicting your Angels as porn stars,” another added.

Interestingly, the brand was actually launched by a male – Roy Raymond – with the intention of catering to a male audience who wanted to buy more raunchy pieces for their partners. However, the brand has taken a different tack in recent times going for a more upmarket look aimed at female customers who wanted more tasteful underwear.


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