A Vicar’s And An Iman’s Dodgy Knees Star In New Ad For Amazon

A Vicar’s And An Iman’s Dodgy Knees Star In New Ad For Amazon

Amazon in the UK has unveiled a new ad starring a real-life vicar and imam to promote its home delivery service while doing its bit for inter-faith harmony.

Interestingly, the ad is just in time for the Christian faith’s biggest time of the year – also known as the Christmas shopping rush.

Check the ad out here:

The ad stars Reverend Gary Bradley and imam Zubeir Hassam who run a church and a mosque in London. Apparently, Bradley was once a budding actor before dedicating his life to the cloth.

The ad sees the two joking about the wear and tear their bodies have had to take doing all that genuflecting and praying. They then both come up with the same idea for a surprise gift for the other – a set of kneepads.

The agency responsible for the ad reportedly sought advice from both the Church of England and Muslim Council of Great Britain and the interfaith Christian Muslim Forum to ensure the ad’s authenticity and to ensure no one got upset.

Interestingly, at the same time last year, UK cinemas banned ads by the Church of England that included the Lord’s prayer. It was banned by the country’s ad standards board for fear it “carries the risk of upsetting, or offending, audiences”.

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