Vevo And Authentic Entertainment Extend Music Video Partnership

Vevo And Authentic Entertainment Extend Music Video Partnership

Aussie music and entertainment content producer and media sales company, Authentic Entertainment, has struck a deal with premium video music and entertainment platform, Vevo, to keep the partnership flowing for another few years.

Vevo will continue the love with Authentic to offer a strong presence in the Australian market, as well as offering brands and agencies a range of options to reach music video lovers, particularly the lucrative millennial and Gen X markets.

“Authentic Entertainment have partnered with us since we launched Vevo in Australia in 2012,” Vevo’s SVP of commercial partnerships Ivan Fuyala said.

“Millions of Australians engage with Vevo every month via all forms of connected devices, so we have a great deal of opportunity to continue our impressive growth as we enter this new phase with Authentic.”

Among the initiatives being planned over the next year the Vevo/Authentic Entertainment partnership will expand content beyond premium music videos to focus on developing local content initiatives, industry partnerships and a subscription service that will complement the successful advertiser funded service that dominates Vevo’s current business model.

Authentic Entertainment’s director of digital, Scott Hamilton (pictured) said, “People’s passion for music transcends all other motivations and we are immersed in a highly emotive area of content and engagement. People consistently come to Vevo 7 days a week.

“Our focus from a marketing perspective is to provide both a powerful user experience and an uncluttered engagement for brands with Millennials and Gen X as they enjoy their passion for music. Vevo in Australia is the No.1 premium online video platform for 18-39s and 25-54’s and delivers audience scale on par with and often greater than the most successful prime time TV content without the heavy ad clutter.”

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