Val Morgan Embraces A Future Of Automation & Data

Val Morgan Embraces A Future Of Automation & Data

Val Morgan has made a number of major announcements as part of their 2018 Upfront, which kicked off in Sydney last week, as it repositions the movie audience in a digital world.

In October this year Val Morgan, for the first time, will be able to deliver premium audiences within 24 hours as it evolves a ‘speed to screen’ product on cinemas nationally.

This key initiative reflects cinema’s position within the premium video sector and marks a significant shift in the way cinema can be used by advertisers and brands.

Daniel Hill, Val Morgan Managing Director commented, “Val Morgan is meeting the market’s demand for quicker access to quality audiences. Short term, key premium program availability is increasingly scarce and audiences harder to buy. To meet this challenge we’ll be offering an option for clients with time sensitive or short term needs by providing access to an a/v channel immediately, on scale, with availability to the very best in programming.

“Val Morgan is progressing an industry first DMP that will enable brands to connect with cinemagoers via both online and offline channels. Combining multiple first party data sources, Val Morgan will be able to connect advertisers to the movie ecosystem before, in cinema and after their experience.”

From an advertising perspective, Val Morgan said it has seen a continued shift in thinking from the market. Where cinema tended to be a ‘nice to have’ in the past, fragmentation of media in audio visual formats has seen cinema become a much stronger consideration. With cinema repositioned to its natural place alongside premium peak TV and premium online video it is now a first choice in the premium video mix.

They also announced a number of new partnerships. An agreement with sister organisation, Beijing based, Wanda Media will enable Australian advertisers to buy into China with ease, whilst a partnership with Propaganda GEM will see Val Morgan offering opportunities for content placement and integration into major motion pictures.

Australian cinema continues to experience a strong growth phase with more than 90 million admits projected for this year which is at least a 3% increase YOY from a record 2016. The industry is going through a strong build and refurbishment program with nearly 250 new screens opening over the next 3 years, the biggest build and refurbishment program the industry has ever seen.

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