Airline goes viral with plane-in-vagina porn tweet

Airline goes viral with plane-in-vagina porn tweet

One way to get your brand trending on Twitter is to Tweet a graphic image of a toy plane shoved up a woman’s vagina as a response to a customer complaint.

US Airways found themselves in this hurdle yesterday when the Tweet went viral and caused both outrage among consumers, as well as outrage at the number of cringe-worthy puns and jokes flooding Twitter.

Here’s how it went down.

Elle Tweeted her frustrations at the airline company.

US Airways replied with a lovely and concerned message apologising for the delays to her flight. Nothing too dramatic there.

However, another Tweet from the airline in reply was the one that shocked Twitter and was viral in a matter of minutes, even though the actual Tweet was taken down less than half an hour later.

Now the actual image is a little too graphic for a Wednesday morning, so here's a censored one that BuzzFeed put up.

Check out some of the responses to it from Twitter.

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