V Energy Creates Nifty Campaign To Beat Adblockers

V Energy Creates Nifty Campaign To Beat Adblockers

V Energy has launched V AdNotes, a sneaky new tool that allows students to swap pesky display ads for pre-set study notes, in a new campaign that aims to circumvent adblockers and push brand messaging in a more subtle approach.

Recognising the fact that students love a bit of procrastinating, V Energy developed the new tool to help students in the lead up to exams by serving them a little hit of subliminal study before they fall down the rabbit hole that is online distraction and cat videos.

Studies have shown that with a hit of subliminal messaging, students can achieve significantly higher results.[1]  With this in mind, V AdNotes hopes to improve exam results for students using the new study tool.

v energy

V AdNotes is a Google extension, that once installed, allows students to input their notes, diagrams, graphs or pictures into the colour-coded subject blocks. They can turn their subjects on and off depending on what they are studying, and preview each study note in the major display advert banner sizes.

Once complete, every time they hop on the internet in search of something other than study books, they’ll still be hit with display adverts that are transformed into handy study notes.

V Energy marketing manager, Craig Harkness said, “Procrastination while studying is inevitable, so whilst students are being distracted by the latest celebrity gossip, cat video, or meme, by using V AdNotes they will actually be subliminally studying each time a study note pops up in the place of an display advert. Our hope is that V Adnotes will help students improve their studies… a bit.

“I’m always looking for new and interesting things to do. I get bored doing the same thing year to year. And the reason why we’ve done this is because we felt it was something that hadn’t been done before.

“There was enough evidence that subliminal messaging helps retain information and it’s no surprise that our core market for V Energy is 18-24 year olds – and obviously a lot of them are at university – so it was a key setting for our brand.

“While it was meant for students, I’ve got my to-do list entered into it – you can put whatever you like in it,” Harkness added.

“Adblockers are here to stay now.”

Considering this technique for future campaigns, Harkness said V Energy has a few original ideas in the pipeline.

“We always want to try new, interesting and innovative things and we’ve got some exciting things coming up. Watch this space”

V AdNotes is a free tool available for students to use in their darkest cramming hours to get the boost they need.

To turn forgettable ads into memorable study notes:

  1. Go to the Google Chrome web store on a Mac/PC
  2. Search for V AdNotes
  3. Click add to Chrome
  4. Click the V icon in the top right corner of your browser
  5. Add your study notes

To support the campaign, V Energy will be visiting six universities across Australia in the months of August and September to educate students on how to use V AdNotes and share some V Energy drinks on campus.

Lead Agency (Creative concept and execution): Traffik
Executive Creative Director: David Mardon
Creative: Hugo Burton
Digital Director: David Loughnan
Digital Producer: James Page
Technical Lead: Iggy Sandejas
Business Director: Chloe Brant
Account Executive: Christine Kynoch
PR Agency: Porter Novelli
Group Account Director: Phillipa Thomas
Senior Account Manager: Charlie Stack
Account Executive: Katilin Coleman
Client: Frucor Beverages
Project Lead: Alana Lucci
Senior Brand Manager: Andrew Fenwick
Marketing Manager: Craig Harkness

[1] E.g. Parker, K.A. “Effects of Subliminal Symbiotic Stimulation on Academic Performance: Further Evidence on the Adaptation-Enhancing Effects of Oneness Fantasies.” Journal of Counseling Psychology (1982): 60 college students on a summer law course for six weeks received subliminal messages before three of their five lectures per week, as also before and after a brief minute counselling session. The study found subjects exposed to subliminal messaging achieved significantly higher grades than the others, which were consistent with other earlier studies.

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