US Presidential Elections: The Chaos, Tantrums & The Presser Outside An Adult Bookstore

US Presidential Elections: The Chaos, Tantrums & The Presser Outside An Adult Bookstore

Biden’s won, Trump’s having one big predictable sook and refusing to concede, and the world has breathed a collective sigh of relief (in what has largely been a pretty crappy 2020).

It appears the Trump presidency has ended as it started – in chaos. Thankfully, TV cameras were live streaming all the lunacy from the weekend’s final vote count.

Here’s B&T’s round-up of the whackiest bits from the countdown to Biden’s win.

TV reporter tells heckler to “f@ck off”

News 12 New York reporter Alex Zdan was having none of a Trump heckler when he invaded his live report and asked the journo if “it was real news or fake news?” Zdan’s terse response soon heard by all the viewers at home.

Ranting Trump supporter becomes viral sensation

A furious Trump supporter has become an instant internet sensation after he stormed a press conference ranting about Joe Biden and wearing a T-shirt sporting the words ‘BBQ, Beer, Freedom’. The incident happened when Joe Gloria, the Clark Country registrar of voters, was talking to the press in Nevada about their ongoing vote count when the man bursts in erupts. Check out the chaos below:

Four Seasons Fail

Perhaps the highlight of the weekend came when the president’s personal lawyer and former mayor of New York City Rudolph W. Giuliani – who recently featured in the latest Borat film – delivered a press conference from the Four Seasons.

“Lawyers News Conference Four Seasons, Philadelphia. 11:00 a.m.,” President Trump tweeted Saturday morning in an effort to promote the press conference.

While everyone assumed the Four Seasons in question was the luxury hotel, it was, in fact, a reference to a local Philadelphia business named Four Seasons Total Landscaping, which is located near a porn shop, Fantasy Island Adult Bookstore, and a crematorium.

Apparently, a Trump staffer accidentally thought the carpark out the back of the landscaping business was the hotel.

Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia was also forced to clarify the mishap.

What eventuated was Giuliani delivering his press conference in the carpark, in what has been described as an apt ending to the chaotic Trump administration.

Of course, social media had an absolute field day at the expense of Trump and the Four Seasons Total Landscaping Business.

PornHub appears in electoral count

CNN’s live count took a saucy turn over the weekend when the PornHub logo popped-up on CNN’s “Magic Wall” while anchors Wolf Blitzer and John King discussed the vote count in Pennsylvania. Sadly, conspiracy theories on social media claimed it was faked. Regardless, it’s quite good fun.

TV anchor breaks down after announcing Biden’s win (& delivers the line of our times)

CNN anchor Van Jones couldn’t hide his emotion reporting on Biden’s win, breaking down in tears at the news. Jones declared it was a “good day” for America, adding that the country can now “reset”. Choking back tears, he then added this gem: “It’s easier to be a parent this morning, it’s easier to be a dad. It’s easier to tell your kids character matters, being a good person matters.”

Someone’s made a parody video of Trump refusing to leave the White House

Probably best sums up the whole Trump presidency, really.

Scottish newspaper claims local “golf club owner loses presidential election”

The Ayrshire Daily News had a bit of fun at Trump’s expense after it led with the headline “South Ayrshire Golf club owner loses 2020 presidential election”. Ayrshire is a county in West Scotland where Trump owns one of his many golf courses.

Trump now comes up first when you type “loser” into Twitter

The Donald won’t be happy about this. And he’s probably seen it given how much time he spends on his favourite social networking site.





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