US Playboy Recreates Iconic Covers With Same Models From The 70s & 80s

US Playboy Recreates Iconic Covers With Same Models From The 70s & 80s

Let’s be honest, Playboy magazine’s never been a great one for diversity and age inclusiveness.

However, its latest cover stunt could well win the much-maligned men’s magazine some plaudits after it recreated classic covers using the original cover stars, some dating back to the late 70s. Check out the full campaign here.

And it has to be said, many of the ladies have aged remarkably well, looking better than their cover debuts from decades ago.

Among those participating were Candace Collins (1979), Monique St. Pierre (1979), Cathy St. George (1981), Charlotte Kemp (1983), Kimberley Conrad Hefner (1988), Renee Tenison (1990) and Lisa Matthews (1991).

The magazine has said the updated covers show that “beauty is ageless, sex appeal is timeless and exuberance is eternal.”

Check out some of the originals and their 2017 incarnations below:

Kimberley Conrad Hefner:

Original cover August 1988:


2017 version:


Charlotte Kemp:

Original cover October 1983:


2017 version:


Monique St Pierre:

Original cover June 1979:


2017 version:


Candace Collins:

Original cover December 1979



2017 version


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