UnLtd’s Big Game: Presenting Team Nova

UnLtd’s Big Game: Presenting Team Nova

Calling all game-nerds (and non-game nerds – we don’t discriminate here)! In case you haven’t heard, the legends over at UnLtd are launching a virtual gaming tournament – the Big Game. And, it’s all happening live on Tuesdays at 4pm.

What’s it entail? Basically, 24 teams across the industry will be competing over 5 weeks in a game of Rocket League, all live-streamed over Twitch. We’re not even going to attempt to understand what any of that means but we’re behind you, adland!

Each week, B&T will be bringing you some rather entertaining team profiles, from how the teams plan on warming up for the game (finger stretching?) to what their nutrition plan is.

You can watch the games here https://www.twitch.tv/unltdaus.

Without further ado, here Team Nova AKA NOVID19.

Team members:
Kevin Armendariz – Client Implementation Executive

Harrison Sappey – Client Implementation Executive 

Favourite game of all times:

Kevin – The Witcher 3, not debatable

Harrison – Love my FIFA however hard to go past Uncharted 4 – Naughty Dog know how to make a game.

What’s your team’s game plan for Big Game:

Attack is our best defence. We are promising zero clean sheets but plenty of goals. Need to keep our many adoring fans as entertained as possible.

How has the team been preparing in the lead up to the Big Game:
Strength & Conditioning training daily and 1am practice games with 10-year olds online (they can be brutal) (Kev)

The one thing that always beats skill is a good internet connection, I took the liberty of investing in a new WIFI-Router. (Harrison)

What are your predictions for Big Game:

I anticipate I may have to purchase a few back-up PS4 controllers after inevitably destroying a few. I tend to get a bit agro when playing (Kev).

Wouldn’t be surprised if some of the teams have paid to have a pro gamer in their team – there was some serious talent on the park in the trial round – I am looking at you OMD. (Harrison)

What’s the one thing you wish people knew about gaming?

How much time, skill and dedication it takes to become the best, something which we certainly are not.



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