UnLtd’s Big Game: Presenting Team Carat

UnLtd’s Big Game: Presenting Team Carat

Calling all game-nerds (and non-game nerds – we don’t discriminate here)! In case you haven’t heard, the legends over at UnLtd are launching a virtual gaming tournament – the Big Game. And, it’s all happening live on Tuesdays at 4pm.

What’s it entail? Basically, 24 teams across the industry will be competing over 5 weeks in a game of Rocket League, all live-streamed over Twitch. We’re not even going to attempt to understand what any of that means but we’re behind you, adland!

Each week, B&T will be bringing you some rather entertaining team profiles, from how the teams plan on warming up for the game (finger stretching?) to what their nutrition plan is.

You can watch the games here https://www.twitch.tv/unltdaus.

Without further ado, meet Team Carat.

Carat (Seed #1)

 Team members:

Zac “The Wall” Kelly| Client Manager | Gamer Tag “Jimbae”– Shots on goal mean nothing to this rocket league wonder boy. Known as having the best defence in the League he will be a tough one to crack. Traded to Carat in the off season of 2019 the now Carat captain saw potential in the soon to be no. 1 seeded Rocket League team in media. How did this rise to the top happen? Well it did not happen overnight. Carat place as much emphasis in their off-season training and team bonding as on season performance. The outcome of this speaks for itself.

Christopher “The Demon” Carey| Group Planning Director |Gamer Tag “Chrisgub”– What is there to say…The Wall is tough to crack. The Demon cracks easily and you do not want to be on the field when he does. There is bound to be dismantled cars and broken hearts for the opposing agency.

Michael “The Sledge” Patti | Account Coordinator | Gamer Tag “mjp2397” – If the other team did not realise a goal went in The Sledge is bound to let them know. He is known for demoralising the enemy team through an unbelievable ability to drill into their hearts and minds. There are whispers coming in from the outer reaches of the media community that his ability is so strong that he had to be banned from practicing sledging in off season practice because he made The Wall cry. They have made amends now, but there is no such goodwill with the opposing teams.

Christian “Hot Hand” Bendelack | Client Director | Gamer Tag “CB2K20”– Out of form doesn’t exist with this one of a kind goal scorer. As soon as the ball touches his bonnet you know it is going straight into the net. All we can say is good luck to the opposing goalie when Hot Hand gets a streak.

Favourite game of all times:

Mortal Kombat

Theme Park

COD Mobile


COD: Warzone

What’s your team’s game plan for Big Game:

Try not to let a goal in.

How has the team been preparing in the lead up to the Big Game:

In three key ways:

  • Staying up way past our bedtime
  • 8 weeks of carb loading
  • Stretching the fingers

What are your predictions for Big Game:

We predict lots of yelling on mute and a great experience for everyone involved, the Big Game has been well set up. 

Hopefully, we make it through to the finals. There has not been a client win out of an esports competition before, but there is always a first.

What’s the one thing you wish people knew about gaming?

How great a social activity it can be!



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