UnLtd: Big Clash Cricket Showdown Promises To Be Epic/Endearingly Inept

UnLtd: Big Clash Cricket Showdown Promises To Be Epic/Endearingly Inept

Now in its fifth year, UnLtd: Big Clash sees media owners, agencies, tech companies and creatives facing off on the cricket pitch, all in the name of charity.

The first test will take place in Sydney tomorrow, with a Melbourne event following next week on Thursday 28th February.

Sydney’s showdown is sure to delight crowds with its motley crew of personalities, and B&T has the inside scoop on what to expect from the competitors, courtesy of cricketing luminary Freelo (who sometimes moonlights as UnLtd CEO Chris Freel).

Good evening all,

As you lay your weary head down you will no doubt be thinking through the big day which is now almost upon us.

Last night’s final net session in Sydney saw a huge turnout as some people finally realised that their last run out in the Under 15’s team was actually 26 years ago.

We filled 6 nets at the SCG and all 6 teams were there in mixed numbers.

Here’s my low down on the Sydney team chances going into the big day.

Listen up Melbourne as the focus will switch to you next week.

Lady Ballers

Lots of chat about what to wear on the big day was soon silenced when Kate Holland ripped into the media owner team and laid down a marker of what’s to come on Thursday.

Poor Jen Davis was not such a Wyse Woman choosing to opt out of wearing a thigh pad and I am sure will be regretting it today.

The ice pack was only a temporary relief and this at times friendly rivalry has definitely taken on a more edgy undertone with both teams vying for blood on Thursday.

Mediacom’s Nepalese international, Rijal, showed exceptional technique with her cover drive a joy to behold and will be one to watch on match day.

The agency team will start as favourites but don’t count out some of the wily characters of Kaleta, Halligan and Roberts who have plenty of tricks up their sleeves and are not used to finishing in second place.

Creative Men

Rumour has it that the majority of the creative men’s team thought the meeting was actually in the Cricketer’s Arms rather than in an actual cricket net.

However, slowly but surely the odd creative turned up with 4 of them actually making it by the end.

They are the dark horses (mainly due to being completely absent from practice) but all it needs is one stroke of genius on the day and they may just crack the brief.

They will have to think fast though and will have no time to muse on beanbags and Fussball tables in this quickfire format, Bradbury looked very impressive with the ball and there is some guile and grit with Kirk and Jackson and they also have a couple of past performers making up their ranks.

Odds 10/1

Media Owners

Is it a case of over-confidence, arrogance or just sheer laziness or is it actually part of a huge masterplan.

Time will tell as last years champions have taken a very laissez-faire attitude to training.

With a sprinkling of them turning the arm over briefly last night and most choosing to watch MKR instead there lack of preparation may come back to bite them.

Captain Burbidge managed to make it for the last half hour and his first ball almost took his teammate’s head off in full flight.

Let’s hope they get it right on the day. They do have the talent but so did the England football team back in the Beckham era and they won bugger all.

Odds 6/1

Tech Team

Led by the effervescent Chanana and his experienced sidekick Atkinson they are a slick outfit.

A bit like a programmatic trading desk the longer they have spent with each other the more they have seemed to optimise.

They have had the data engineers crunching stats in the background and have already worked out their batting and bowling orders, fielding positions and team haircuts.

The enthusiasm is there but a bit like any AI machinery I wonder how they will adapt to the unexpected and whether they will be able to pivot in time if things don’t go according to their very well thought out plans.

Time will tell but they have the passion and a good looking blend of talent.

Odds 4/1

Media Agency Team

Led by the dashing McCallum, distant cousin to Brendon, they have looked the part every week.

Each week a newer, fitter, faster, stronger new team member strolls up and this week it was the baby-faced assassin from Wavemaker, Lewis Catlow, who lit up the SCG.

His bat had a never-ending middle and the SCG stood still as it played witness to this young man’s heroics.

Some serious talent and even better moisturiser. The boy makes Joe Root look like a granddad, and also plays with the same ease.

Right through the team they have pace, finesse, technique and swagger and they will start the day as the bookies’ favourites.

It’s a tough game first up though and the media owners will be looking to take their pound of flesh, or approximately 70% of it in the case of Bartlam.

This one could get nasty and umpires Brooks and Roddick will have their hands full keeping on top of the sledging.

Odds 3/1 favourites

It is a funny old game though folks and with only 8 overs per innings, tactics will be vital. Can’t wait to see the Sydney guys run out on Thursday before heading down to beautiful Melbourne town to do it all again.

Game on!

Attendance to both days of Unltd: Big Clash is free, so make sure to secure your seats to either the Sydney or Melbourne events (or both if you’re absolutely stumped for something to do with your Thursdays).

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