UltraTune Returns With Women In Rubber Suits And Customer Rage

UltraTune Returns With Women In Rubber Suits And Customer Rage

UltraTune has kept its tradition of rubber-clad women alive and brought said women back for another round of ads for tyres.

The ad for the car service franchise has been widely criticised on social media already after the latest in a series of advertisements featured two models milling about in slick black, rubber catsuits.

One ad is promoting a competition to win tickets to Wimbledon, with a deep male voiceover saying “Get into rubber and get into Wimbledon”, while the two women pose with tennis racquets.

The other, for a tyre brand, has a voiceover saying “We’re into rubber” and shows the models posing with an impact wrench and a four-way lug wrench.

Another television ad, published on YouTube on January 8, has the tagline “avoid unexpected situations” and shows the same women driving a car that stops on a level crossing.

The car is destroyed by a train, but the women, wearing knee-length dresses, are shown walking away from the burning vehicle.

You can see that one here too:

Oh, and then there’s the reaction from social media:

UltraTune is no stranger to controversy, however, and despite complaints, has held onto its controversial tradition of using women wearing rubber catsuits feeling up tyres in their ads.

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