Twitter’s New Metaverse Shopping Feature Primed & Ready For Take-Off

Twitter’s New Metaverse Shopping Feature Primed & Ready For Take-Off

Twitter is launching a transformative Live Shopping feature in collaboration with world leading retailer Walmart.

Planning to make future shopping escapades a more seamless experience, Twitter has dipped its toes into the mysterious metaverse universe.

The first demos of the E-commerce function ‘Live Shopping’ will be streamed at the beginning of Cyber Week at AEST 10:00am on the 29th November.

Kicking of proceedings, a 30-minute variety show hosted by enigmatic singer, dancer and actor social media icon Jason Derulo that’s sure to conjure up feverish levels of excitements for a legion of fans.

Derulo and several surprise special guests will be highlighting electronics, home goods, apparel, and seasonal décor with much, much more to boot.

Endorsing this innovative development, Walmart’s CMO William White said, “This will be the first time a brand in the U.S. has leveraged this capability on Twitter.”

“We will continue to curate special experiences for our customers who live in dynamic, immersive environments and allow customers to shop seamlessly while also being entertained.”

White also reasserted that the future of retail laid in social commerce and that continued innovation in this space would offer customers ways to live better.

While there is still plenty to be revealed, Twitter’s new offering is underpinned by the ability to watch livestreams on a merchant’s website within in-app browsers and the option to toggle between ‘the latest tab’ and ‘the shop tab’ to be part of conversations as products are viewed.

Once again Twitter is at the front and centre of another major cultural moment.

Livestreaming on Twitter will afford businesses the unprecedented ability to engage with their most influential fans. As a natural extension of this, the ability to shop into this experience will become available.

Twitter and Walmart are well on their way to solving the Pandora’s box of how to best attract and engage receptive audiences. However, there is still so, so much to come.

With Twitter shopping we can reasonably expect a series of foundational products which will support a global community of merchants on Twitter. Twitter is also testing new ways to house merchant onboarding and product catalogue management tools via the Twitter Shopping Manager.

Unlike some of it’s rivals Twitter has been relatively muted about its research and development of metaverse capabilities. However, now it has been made abundantly clear that Twitter’s aspirations go beyond being a place of public conversation in its current format.

Twitter now has elevated aspirations to be the place to be for live audio, creator subscriptions, newsletters, cryptocurrency advice, NFT’s, private communities and other services.

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