Twitter Updates External Ad Function To Reach More People

Twitter Updates External Ad Function To Reach More People

Twitter has rolled out an updated function to its advertising platform that will allow further reach for advertisers.

The offering – previously called the Twitter Publisher Network and now named Twitter Audience Platform – expands upon the platform’s external ad offering, giving more creativity to advertisers and a further reach of 700 million people.

Chatting with the sales director at Twitter Australia, Angus Keene, he explained how the creative for promoted tweets can change once the user is off the Twitter app platform on mobile.

“With a simple click of a button, our technology transforms the Promoted Tweet creative and then turns it into a format that then works best across mobile apps,” he said.

So the Promoted Tweet inside the Twitter app will still look the same, however if a Twitter user clicks out of the Twitter app onto another app (like a gaming one) they may then be served a Twitter ad from the advertiser in a new form – either in a video or a full-page interstitial.

It won’t be for all apps however as obviously users won’t have ads from Twitter advertisers popping up on Facebook and Instagram.

Keene said it would be from the apps that are a part of MoPub, a mobile-focused advertising exchange, which Twitter acquired in September 2013, and of course it would all be relevant to the consumer.

“It’ll be mostly gaming apps, business apps, lots of different categories are within that,” he said.

When asked whether it might be annoying for customers to receive ads from Twitter advertisers on non-Twitter platforms, Keene wasn’t fazed.

“We haven’t had any feedback from consumers,” he said, “but I think consumers are used to these types of ads across mobile apps and we’ve seen great results from our beta test partners from an advertising perspective.”

Needless to say, the Twitter team is pretty chuffed with the roll-out, available to all Aussie advertisers now.

“The reason we’re so excited is it’s a new way for advertisers to easily extend the reach of their campaigns beyond Twitter across Australia’s direct mobile apps” he said.

Three notable brands that tried the new offering during Twitter’s beta testing, Toyota, Virgin Mobile and the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) in Victoria, all achieved positive results.

“As a telecommunications provider, it made a lot of sense for us to extend our advertising into mobile applications where we knew we would reach the right audience,” said Jordan Kerr, social media manager at Virgin Mobile.

Sarah Mundine, online communication manager at TAC said: “When the Twitter Audience Platform launched we were keen to be one of the first Australian advertisers to make use of this new functionality. We were excited to see a 62 per cent increase in engagement on TAP and a 44 per cent reduction in cost per engagement compared to our Twitter Promoted Tweets only campaign benchmarks during the same period.”

Keene added: “Recent research shows people are opening their phones upwards of 150 times a day and they’re actually spending 80 per cent of their time on their phone apps. Really what we’re doing is we’re just helping brands reach users where they’re spending the vast majority of their time.

“That could be on the Twitter app, but it could also be on one of their favourite gaming apps they’re using during the day.”

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