Twitter Rallies Against Fred Nile During Special Q&A

Twitter Rallies Against Fred Nile During Special Q&A

Last night’s special LGBTQI edition of ABC’s panel featured some pretty strong Twitter backlash against Reverend Fred Nile.

ABC copped a lot of flack for even including the well-known homophobe in the special panel.

Reverend Fred Nile is famous for praying for rain every Mardi Gras, putting forward the argument that marriage equality will lead to legalising bestiality and trying to vote down the 1993 Anti-Discrimination (Homosexual Vilification) Amendment bill.

Some of Fred Nile’s moronic, homophobic and just hateful comments during Q&A included:

“What worries me in some of the states in America where it has come in, and in the UK, the people who are now being persecuted are the Christians who don’t agree with same-sex marriage,” the Reverend told the audience.

“My observation is that teenagers are going through sexual development and [it] can be quite dangerous, I think, to promote homosexuality in schools to children,” he said.

Twitter responded to Nile’s comments with the hashtags: #deNile and #qandgay. Here are some of the best tweets:

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