Twitter Is Cracking Down On Plagiarised Jokes

Twitter Is Cracking Down On Plagiarised Jokes

A new Twitter account @PlagiarismBad is removing people’s tweets if it catches you stealing other user’s jokes. 

The account is tracking people who instead of retweeting a joke with credit, simply copy and paste the joke and claim it as their own. The offending tweet is not deleted, but the 140 character tweet is replaced with a link to Twitter’s Copyright and DMCA policy:

The Twitter copyright crackdown follows after an LA freelance writer Olga Lexell complained that her jokes were intellectual property and were being stolen by people.

Lexell’s original tweet was “saw someone spill their high end juice cleanse all over the sidewalk and now I know god is on my side”.

If you alert the @PlagiarismBad account to another account stealing your tweet, the thieves will be added to a public Tweet Thieves Plagarists list. Currently there are 4,213 accounts on that list.

The account is also super sassy with its replies to people who complain:

So the lesson is retweet away, but don’t copy and paste without credit.

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