TV Will Be Dead In Two Years: Andy Lark

TV Will Be Dead In Two Years: Andy Lark

The former head of CBA marketing, Andy Lark, has told B&T that traditional TV will be dead by 2017 and he’s predicted a “bloodbath” in the process.

Lark, who quit the bank in October last year, is now CMO at the cloud-based accounting software company Xero. He believed it was just about all over for print as a medium and, he said, “we are absolutely at the beginning of the end for TV”. He also confessed he had a “weird view of the media business”.

“I think it (the traditional TV model) will be all over in the next two years,” Lark predicted. “It’s going to be a bloodbath and only a few companies will emerge dominant.”

He held out little hope for the futures of Foxtel and the free-to-air’s subsidiary channels but said Seven, Nine and Ten could find a future “with scaled down, smarter, more intelligent operations because people still love their local content”.

However, if they were going to go down it wouldn’t be without a terrific fight.

“It’s going to be a bloody battle! A bloodbath. But on the channel side I think we’ll see a lot more new thinking around new ways to reach the consumer through digital broadcast. I think it will be hugely powerful,” he added.

Lark will be talking about disruption via the connected customer at Daze of Disruption. Kim Williams will be talking on disruption and the Media as well.May, Sydney at the Belvoir St Theate in Sydney. Tickets and Information HERE

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