Truck driving hamster goes viral

Truck driving hamster goes viral

Charlie the golden hamster from the UK has become an internet sensation in a stunt for Volvo Trucks.

The pet is the star of online film The Hamster Stunt, which has collected more than 3.8 million views on YouTube.

The stunt saw Charlie become the world’s first truck-driving hamster, steering a huge Volvo truck along a narrow uneven quarry track in Spain.

The bizarre stunt was staged to promote Volvo’s new technology that makes steering a heavily-laden truck light and easy.

Animal trainer Grace Dickinson, who took care of Charlie on set, said: “Charlie is our star. He demonstrated that he has the best strength, confidence and attitude to learning new ideas. And he’s very food-orientated, so he’s willing to follow the target, which is a carrot.” 

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