Trends To Future Proof Your Digital Strategy

Trends To Future Proof Your Digital Strategy

Speaking at Innovation Enterprises digital strategy summit this week ANZ Banking Group GM Digital Transformation Jennifer Scott talked about how trends work and what will 2030 look like from a digital strategy perspective.

‘So much is going on it’s an exciting time to be alive,” said Scott.

“When I first started work I shared a computer with the person next to me that’s how much the world has changed.”

“Anytime you experience customer friction you can be pretty damn sure that something is going to change.”

“You’re walking into a hotel, travelled miles to get there and you stand at the reception desk and watch the last type, What’s that about?”

“Any form of customer friction helps you think, ‘hang on a minute something is going to happen to bust this wide open and make this significantly different’.”

Instead, Scott’s hopes are for automated hotel check-ins.

“As we are immersed in the sharing economy, where we will willingly allow strangers into our house for a fee, what are the key trends for your digital strategy to be future proof?”

According to Scott “Get in early” – Be the Ashton Kutcher and Jeff Bezos’ of Airbnb, both invested in the first 3 rounds of capital raising.

“By the time it’s on the front page of the economist you’ve missed the best of the party.”

“Airbnb didn’t come from nowhere it peered into what others were doing and created a really good business plan and ran with it” the smart ones got in early.

Scott’s discovered her own trend “It’s the move towards hands-free and its big”

“My handbag is beautiful it’s very big and I don’t like that, but handbags have gotten less heavy over the years and for those of you travelling with laptops just stop it, an iPhone will do or a tablet”

“Things are shrinking and digitising, meaning you can throw things out of your handbag”

“The move to mobile payments is of particular interest.” Society is becoming cashless and moving into a direction where you can pay with a phone or a piece of jewellery and soon post payments where it will take 8 seconds to pick up your lunch and walk straight out.

“Digital receipts seem like such an easy thing to do I’m so shocked no Australian company does this not only have they not given me a little piece of paper to throw in my handbag, but they have my data to contact me when my product is ending”

The iPhone now can find your car; loyalty cards have migrated on to your phone even drivers’ licences are moving digital.

“100 points of identity in your phone, it’s an amazing accomplishment.”

“We’re on the road to this cashless society where beggars in China use QR codes and charities take payments off an app.”

“Voice is meant to rise faster than apps. Australian companies are thinking about adopting voice technology while international companies are adopting these technologies and getting in first.”

“This will be a keeper’s market – if you’re the first organisation to get [Alexa] to respond with your brand you have got a massive advantage for a really long time that will be hard to undo.”

The ultimate of hands-free experience will be a company dropping off an ingredient that you need whilst your cooking, enter your bio entry house and hand you the ingredient so you don’t have to even wash your hands and can continue to cook.

“There are a lot of things that need to happen in Australia to make this a seamless experience.”

Technology is so much better these days, it’s a great time to be alive. Find a process to capture and put it into your organisation. Start with just educating folks in the business that life is changing and things are moving forward”

Scott concluded with these words “Make no little plans; They have no magic to stir men’s blood – Daniel H Burnham.”

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