Tourism WA Says It’s ‘Just Another Day’ In New Cummins&Partners Campaign

Tourism WA Says It’s ‘Just Another Day’ In New Cummins&Partners Campaign

Tourism Western Australia has launched a new marketing campaign through Cummins&Partners as part of a major push to encourage Australian and global travellers to visit the state.

The idea highlights some of the extraordinary experiences on offer across Western Australia, from Rottnest Island and the City of Perth, to Margaret River in the South West and Kookynie in the Golden Outback – with stories all told from the intimate perspective of the traveller.

“WA is unique in that it’s the sheer breadth of extraordinary things to do, see and experience that set it apart,” said Adam Ferrier, chief strategy officer, Cummins&Partners.

“Yet, despite this abundance of treasures, Western Australians are typically pretty understated about the amazing state they live in. We wanted to bring these two thoughts together to share with the world the concept that all of these extraordinary experiences are ‘just another day in WA’”.

The idea, developed and planned across creative and media by Cummins&Partners, puts the people of WA at it’s heart, and lives across a broad range of channels.

From socially generated content to broadcast communications, the idea features a range of personal stories told from the first person perspective that feel very different from typical tourism advertising.

“We know that these days, people are looking above all for personal experiences from a holiday or trip”, added Jim Ingram, executive creative director.

“They want more than just the picture book tourist experience. So we deliberately set out to make sure that the stories we tell in film and beyond are just that – personal, intimate and real.”

The campaign also looks to rally Western Australians to share their pride in their state and their own personal ‘just another day’ experiences of WA via social media, and through a partnership with Seven West Media that will see consumer photos featuring in both the online and offline pages of The West Australian in coming weeks.

“The most persuasive advert for any tourist destination is a real person who’s experienced that place, not just a piece of advertising”, said Louise Scott, executive director, strategy, brand and marketing services at Tourism Western Australia.

“Every story we tell across the campaign is therefore told from the perspective of a real person – and we want it to grow organically as visitors and the proud residents of Western Australia, share their own personal experiences in WA.

“This is just the start of an ongoing effort to showcase everything that WA has to offer, from Lucky Bay in the South to Broome in the North and everywhere in between. We’re incredibly proud of the new campaign, and can’t wait to keep sharing our great story with Australia and beyond.”

The platform was launched by the Premier of Western Australia, Colin Barnett, on Friday 10 June and will roll out across Australia, and globally in markets including China, USA, UK and Germany

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