Top Gear’s Clarkson Threatened With Three Years In Prison

Top Gear’s Clarkson Threatened With Three Years In Prison

Perennial TV bad-boy Jeremy Clarkson and his Top Gear buddies are looking at a three year stint in an Argentinian prison after a recent stunt of theirs was deemed provocative.

Clarkson – who was sacked as host of the show in May for threatening a producer – and sidekicks James May and Richard Hammond drove through Argentina in 2014 in a Porsche that had the number plate H892 FKL.

Argentinian authorities suggest the number plate was a reference to the Falkland Islands. The Islands are hotly disputed between the English and the Argentinians. So much so that the two went to war over them in 1982 and neither nation has forgotten it (the English won.)

During the episode the plates were changed due to concerns amongst the local crew. However, this is also an offence in Argentina that can lead to a conviction.

Producers of the show, the BBC, claim the plates weren’t a stunt and merely an unfortunate coincidence.

Initial concerns about the stunt were ignored by Argentinian authorities, however, the UK’s The Telegraph is reported that three appeal judges want the case reviewed. Falsifying number plates carries a three year maximum sentence alone.

As yet, Clarkson or his cohorts have not commented publicly on the incident.

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