Top Creative Agencies Offer Paid Three-Month Placements For Rare Interns

Top Creative Agencies Offer Paid Three-Month Placements For Rare Interns

When it comes to landing an internship at the top companies across the creative industries, it’s not what you know – but often who. And unless you went to the right schools, or grew up around people of influence, it can be difficult to come across someone who’s able to give you your start.

So Rare – Google’s global diversity and inclusion platform for the creative industries – has teamed up with some of the most prestigious creative agencies in the country to give underprivileged and underrepresented talent a foot in the door, with their new initiative, Rare Interns.

Clemenger, Glue Society, Special Group and UsTwo have all signed up as founding partners of the initiative, offering 3-month placements for Rare talent looking to start – or reignite – their careers in the creative, media and tech industries. Those placements range in role and department, offering a variety for budding creatives to choose from. And most importantly, all the positions are paid at full living wage.

“We need a better representation of different people, backgrounds, and perspectives entering the industry and we need to make sure they have excellent (and financially sustainable) experiences that encourage them to continue on that path,” said UsTwo’s operations and people director, Teresa Lily, one of Rare Interns founding partners.

“At UsTwo, we’re all about nurturing budding talent and are excited to be partnering with Rare to bring this to life.”

It’s an initiative designed to set a new standard – one that the industry should move towards more broadly – adds Rare co-founder, Stefanie DiGianvincenzo.

“Historically, junior talent has been expected to work unpaid internships in order to get enough experience and exposure to land their first job. Which is a massive barrier to anyone who can’t afford to work for free.”

While the initiative is going to help bridge a major social gap, and usher in a new, diverse generation of talent, it’ll also elevate the work we do as an industry, says Jonathon Kneebone, Founding Partner at Glue Society.

“This is action creating change, as opposed to just talk. At Glue Society, we love to do what we can to develop individuals’ creative personality and craft skills  – it is about enabling people to achieve what they are capable of” he said.

“The reason for supporting individuals who may not otherwise get a chance is, when you give people with fresh voices the same opportunities as those people we’re used to seeing and hearing from, the whole business broadens and becomes fresher and more vital.”

Rare talent is vital to our future as an industry, says Rare partner, Stephen De Wolf, CCO at Clemenger BBDO – who places diversity of perspective high on the agenda when it comes to building out a team.

“At Clemenger, we believe that without different perspectives and experiences, we limit our ability to push creativity forward. The team at Rare are driving this important change. This is something we need to get behind if we truly believe creativity is our future.”

All available placements are now live at – and, to apply, interested applicants only need to answer two questions:

  1. What makes you Rare?
  2. How might this internship get you where you want to be?

The placements are posted at – and the jobs board will be updated as new partners join the initiative.


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