Toddler Terror! Little Girl Totally Destroys Live TV Interview!

Toddler Terror! Little Girl Totally Destroys Live TV Interview!

In yet another case of why you should never work with children or animals comes footage today of a toddler who completely destroys a live interview on Britain’s ITV News.

The interviewer, seasoned journalist Alastair Stewart, was hosting a segment on milk allergies with Lucy Wronka and her two kids, Iris and George.

However, young Iris quickly becomes bored of all the conversation around lactose intolerance and proceeds to explore the studio and clamber all over Stewart’s desk. Check out the shenanigans below:

To his credit, Stewart remains remarkably calm throughout the awkward interview and even high-fives Iris for her efforts at the end of the interview. Stewart telling his audience that the toddler “will do whatever she chooses to do for the next couple of minutes,” before turning his attention to Iris’ mother and younger brother.

The clip mirrors a recent BBC interview with Robert Kelly, an expert on Korea, which his kids gloriously and hilariously gatecrashed before the footage became a global viral sensation.


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