Today’s Female Consumer Is Empowered, Savvy & Willing To Spend: New Idea Study

Today’s Female Consumer Is Empowered, Savvy & Willing To Spend: New Idea Study

New Idea has released new findings from its Household CEO Report, a national survey delving in to the mood and attitudes of Australian women.

Benchmarked against the New Idea ‘Voices From The Heart’ research conducted in 2006, the study reveals a strong shift in female moods and attitudes over the last decade.

New Idea editor in chief, Louisa Hatfield, said, “She’s moved away from being conservative, risk-averse, stressed, envious of celebrity lives, feeling guilty about treating herself or taking time out from her family.

“Today she is far more empowered and unapologetic and she has a much more positive outlook on life.

“Overall the culture of being busy has subsided and we’re seeing that women are now, more than ever, setting their own agenda and no longer following a linear life path.”

The key comparisons revealed from the Household CEO study showed that while in 2006 women were conservative, risk-averse, time poor, envious of celebs, mourning a loss of local community, feeling guilty about treating themselves and on a linear life path, in 2016 a lot has changed.

Now, women are:

  • Confident
  • Willingness to spend
  • Demands balance in their life
  • Control their own destiny
  • Less of a halo around celebrity
  • Very savvy, switched on
  • Social media creating new communities
  • Empowered and unapologetic

Through qualitative and quantitative research of over 1,000 women, the study delved into a number of key themes, including: ‘trendcelleration’, a rapid adoption of mass market trends, the ‘flawsome mum’ who is happy not being perfect, more sophisticated and savvy women overall, and an emergent affluence, with many women content with being in debt if it means having the odd splurge.


Following the release of the 2016 Household CEO Report, New Idea is launching the Australian Household Monitor – an ongoing sentiment tracking study and a quarterly in-depth dip into key pillars affecting
Australian women today.

Each report will provide unique and powerful insights into mood, outlook and affluence of this audience.

Hatfield added, “We all know that there is no such thing as the ‘average’ Australian woman and that we can no longer pigeon-hole women into convenient categories. Each woman is now so unique.”

New Idea sales director, Kylie Gibson, commented, “New Idea is in constant dialogue with Australian women across multiple platforms – and we’ll use these findings to inform and evolve both our own and commercial partners’ strategies for reaching her.

“Importantly, we know the key emotional triggers that unite today’s Australian Household CEO – the commonalities they share no matter how different they are.”


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