Tips For Holiday Marketing Campaign

Tips For Holiday Marketing Campaign

Have you started preparing your business for this holiday season? If you haven’t started preparing then you’re missing out on valuable sales opportunities and there is no time to wait anymore. This is the ideal time to start with creating your holiday marketing campaign, says founder of AICelluloids Advertising Agency Sundeep Mallipudi.

Every holiday Season is a popular time to market your business/brand/product, so it’s very important to put a lot of thought and efforts in creating and executing your holiday marketing campaigns.

Numerous customers begin their shopping well before and will spend a lot during these holiday season. Thus your primary focus should be to get your customers to spend with you and not your competitors.

To make this holiday season your best one yet, here are the seven marketing tips you need to start creating your holiday marketing campaigns and stand out from the crowd.

1. Get Set with Proper Message:

Holiday Season is not the time to send out an everyday message. Be very particular on what message you are going to send to the audience for this holiday season.

For example, you have a restaurant business and you need to promote it for this holiday season, so your message might be encouraging you to spend time with your loved ones and share a meal in their restaurant.

This message has authenticity because they’re in the business of making moments for people to relax and gather and celebrate.

2. Personalise each Campaign:

Even the best content can be seen as ‘spammy’ if it’s outside the interest area of an individual. Appealing to customers based on what they’re interested in right now is the initial success of your holiday season marketing campaign and to do that you need to build in contextual data.

Make the customers feel that this offer is personalised only to them, but don’t miss any opportunity to convert the interest into sales. So use ZMOT technique to reach the right audience at the right place and at right time.

3. Tell a Story:

Tell a story with touching message that resonates on a particular occasion which will help you to educate your prospects about the bond you are holding with the existing customers. Thus you can move towards making this holiday marketing campaign success.

4. Visual Treat:

Visuals/Videos provide an unrivalled means of telling a story, being both educating and entertaining. Visual content continues to grow in popularity, for the simple premise that seeing is understanding. So, tell your story with more visual content.

5. Celebrate those Festive Feelings:

People assume that their purchase decision-making is purely rational, but the truth is all people make decisions emotionally before judging them rationally. So, to create a successful holiday marketing campaign, you should focus on an emotionally driven campaign. Focus on the feelings that fit the festive season and make it a celebration.

6. Element of Surprise:

People like to make big deals in every holiday season, so people will expect the offers well before, and start deciding on taking purchase decisions. So, if you can create an element of surprise with an unexpected personalised offer, you can easily convert your prospects.

7. Integrate Different Channel:

Multi-channel marketing is crucial to trigger audience minds with emotional message and offers you are giving this holiday season. So, create a consistent user experience (in terms of emotional appeal, offers or campaign message) regardless of which channels your customers are using.


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