Tips From Atomic 212 On How Brands Should Use Data-Driven Marketing

Tips From Atomic 212 On How Brands Should Use Data-Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing strategies have fast pushed more traditional approaches to the side, creating a whole new landscape that marketers will need to be familiar with.

And, as keeping abreast of data driven strategies can be a highly complicated task, more businesses seek out digitally savvy consultancies to partner with them.

In an ever changing media landscape of evolving engagement strategies with more refined data to direct a campaign, the task of creating, implementing and assessing marketing campaigns has become an undertaking often too complex to be handled by internal teams.

Yet, with technological improvements expanding audience reach and greater data integration that can lead to campaigns being more complex, the traditional approach from creative agencies is requiring an overhaul, with a fresh and more innovative mindset required for the days ahead, said Jason Dooris, CEO of media agency Atomic 212 (pictured above).

“Today’s outcome driven marketing campaigns need to be developed with greater collaboration between data and creative at its core, and with greater consideration of consumer trends and their behaviour around technology,” Dooris said.

Traditionally, both in-house marketing departments and agencies have maintained a divide between creatives and tech teams, analysts and content creators, keeping each of their areas siloed and only working side by side or in succession.

“It is one thing to keep up with current marketing trends,” he said, “Yet another altogether to be pushing beyond and to lead the way, which we attempt to do with collaborative multi-disciplinary teams and innovative data marketing strategies.”

Atomic 212 has been playing about in this space, undoing the conventional separations, melting different roles into a one-goal orientated team and developing inventive new strategies and programming. By embracing a full-service approach, which allows it to marry analytical and creative teams, its clients have seen solid results.

“Data-marketing is fast emerging as the way of the future and aims to not merely project a marketing message into the target audience’s space, but to be tailored specifically to appeal and engage its audience in line with their behaviours and technology trends,” Dooris said.

“The opportunities that data marketing presents for businesses to take their audience engagement to the next level are massive.”


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