Tinder Study: Aussie Ys Embracing Singledom (But Don’t Appear To Be Getting Laid)

Tinder Study: Aussie Ys Embracing Singledom (But Don’t Appear To Be Getting Laid)

A new study by Tinder into the dating habits of 20-something Aussies has found they appear to be utterly terrified of long-term relationships.

The results of the study, which coincide with Tinder’s new brand campaign, were cultivated from the responses of 500 single Aussies aged 18-25.


Oddly, none of the survey’s questions related to sex and, as a brief summary, the chief findings included:

• 86 per cent of respondents said being single positively affects their lives

• 90 per cent go on one or two dates per week and 77 per cent agreed that single people are more open to new experiences

• 25 per cent said they would not sacrifice their sleep or personal space for a partner

• 51 per cent said they worry or are uneasy about being in a full-time relationship and a similar amount worry about a loss of independence

• 31 per cent said they go on dates to learn more about themselves and what they want in a partner

• Women are more likely to say that being single made them feel independent (57 per cent compared to men at 48 per cent)

• Women (45 per cent) agreed that society portrayed single people negatively. It was 33 per cent for the fellas

• A further 37 per cent of respondents said they’d worry they’d become boring if they settled into a long-term relationship

Commenting on the findings, Tinder’s dating and relationships expert Dr Darcy Sterling said: “Gen Z and young Millennials are very aware of the opportunities this world has to offer. Friends, work and school are all important elements that help build their happiness, with excelling in their personal lives being their biggest focus, often prioritising it ahead of relationships.

“Now young people see a relationship as an added bonus to their already successful and positive lives, rather than the centre of their universe, which is certainly a paradigm shift from a few generations ago. They also don’t just see dating as a means to potentially meet a long-term partner, with many using dating as a form of self-discovery and confidence building,” Dr Sterling said.


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