Tinder: Study Reveals What Works (And What Doesn’t) For The Lovelorn

Tinder: Study Reveals What Works (And What Doesn’t) For The Lovelorn

Are you on the dating app Tinder but can’t manage a swipe (or a date) for love nor money? Well, a new study has revealed what you’re possibly doing wrong from being inundated with potential suitors.

The survey, by romance site RomanceGoals.com, examined the dating profiles of 600 Tinder users to reveal what profiles were getting the most right swipes. You can read the full and rather exhaustive findings here.

According to the study, the dating app now has 50 million users worldwide and gets 26 million matches a day.


Not a good look says new study…

And what makes the best profile image to attract a would-be suitor’s eye? Well, for women it’s not in a racy bikini or lingerie.

The study found the best image a female could post would be seated in a restaurant, showing her whole body, smiling, and wearing formal or casual clothing.

Blokes trying to attract a lady were advised to be photographed outdoors (ideally by the beach or water), focus the image on the face, smile (show lots of teeth) and wear your swimming trunks.

And the non-nos for Tinder users?

For the ladies, don’t be photographed in a car, with a group of friends, focus solely on the face, forget to smile and (the biggest surprise of all) be shot in a bikini!

For the fellas, you don’t want to be photographed in the bathroom, with a group of people, showing your full body, not smiling and wearing formal or casual clothes.

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