Tinder and Suits, hook-up app not just for singles

Tinder and Suits, hook-up app not just for singles

Hook-up app Tinder is no longer just a playground for singles but brands as well as marketers move in to cash-in on the app’s captivated audience.

General Pants Co. launched a tongue in cheek Valentine’s Day activation asking users to “get in my pants” to receive 20% off denim.

But the apparel brand isn’t the only one recognising the power of Tinder.

American television programs have jumped on board with The Mindy Project and drama Suits putting their characters’ profiles on the app.

When Tinder uses swipe to match themselves with the profiles they were driven to watch the show or offered exclusive content. More on this can be found here thanks to Frank Media.

US TV programs are quick movers when it comes to social trends with HBO’s Girls jumping on the popular photo-messaging app Snapchat. More on Snapchat's potential as a marketing platform can be found in this opinion piece. 

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