TikTok Reveals Raft of New Ad Tools Coming Next Year

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TikTok has revealed a range of new creative and media tools and features coming to Australia to help brands connect with users(lead image: Brett Armstrong, TikTok general manager).

At the video-sharing app’s inaugural #ForYouSummit yesterday, the company revealed TikTok Pulse – a first-to-market offering that promises to let brands jump on the latest trending content quickly for maximum impact.

Pulse allows advertisers to insert themselves into the culture of TikTok by showing ads after the most popular content on the platform with a certain category.

Advertising tools have also been expanded for Australian media companies. TikTok Shopping Ads is an “ecosystem of eCommerce solutions that enable merchants to sell directly through their TikTok account.”

TikTok says Shoppings Ads provides brands the ability to create “organic, immersive, and real-time showcases” letting users discover new products, interact with hosts, and make purchases instantly from the livestream.

More sponsored content features are also on the way, designed to help creative agencies that are new and experienced with TikTok, alike.

A new Creator Productions feature lets brands connect with Australian creators and locally made content, in the hope of giving them a deeper connection with consumers, thanks to the more relatable content produced by fellow Aussies.

For the greenest of creative agencies on TikTok, the company has created the Creative Agency Partnerships University. This programme is designed exclusively for creative agencies and gives them access to TikTok’s in-house experts to get them up to speed on how to best use the platform.

Finally, Program Sponsorships offer “exclusive” content solutions to help brands leverage “cultural moments” and get involved in trending, relevant content such as #foodtok, #booktok. and #diytok – all of which receive billions of views from Australian users.

“In two years, TikTok’s unique ecosystem of entertainment has helped brands drive business, performance, and social impact, and given Australians an unparalleled point of access to the ultimate joy; knowing yourself. Our platform wasn’t always a touchpoint people use in their daily lives. Now, Australians use TikTok as a primary form of entertainment,” said Armstrong.

“As we move in 2023, we are determined to build around what makes us a special place for brands to generate meaningful connections with their audiences and supercharge their results with us. Thank you to everyone who joined us at our inaugural For You Summit, your support is invaluable to use. We will see you again next year.”

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