Thinkerbell, GMG & The Sensory Combat The Perils Of Surge Pricing For 13cabs On YouTube

Thinkerbell, GMG & The Sensory Combat The Perils Of Surge Pricing For 13cabs On YouTube

Targeting a frustrated younger demographic out and about, 13cabs is raising the issues of surge pricing via a re-invigorated ‘Serge’ of their own.

This newer, younger, ‘Sergier’ Serge will be popping up in YouTube browsers all over the country, starting this week.

Taking advantage of YouTube’s recently launched Director’s Mix technology, the campaign will kick off with a boot load of individually created, hyper-targeted, six-second bumper ads that speak directly to the audience with messaging related to their search terms and trending topics.

As the campaign unfolds, many more individualised messages will be added to the mix simply by supplying updated audio files to the Director’s Mix platform.

Jordan Taylor-Bartels from GMG Digital said: “We’ve worked really closely with YouTube to craft this campaign in order to best utilise their new platform and tech offering.”

There will also be a series of 15-second YouTube ‘Trueview’ episodes that will be sequentially served to the audience over a period of time, so they can get to ‘know’ Serge and follow him on his mission to become Australia’s most loved cab driver.

Thinkerbell’s Jim Ingram said: “In line with the recent 13cabs re-brand, we wanted to represent a fresher, younger Serge with an eagerness to please his passengers, whilst delivering on our promise that the only surge you’ll get with 13cabs is Serge driving”.

Liz Attia, head of marketing at 13cabs, said: “We’re on a journey to modernise the 13cabs brand and give people more reasons to choose 13cabs over other rideshare options by demonstrating a core points of difference.

“Working with YouTube to support their new platform has given us the opportunity to demonstrate the advantages of having Serge driving, rather than surge pricing.”

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