They’re Back! It’s The B&T Awards And It’s Time To Nominate Your True Talent!

They’re Back! It’s The B&T Awards And It’s Time To Nominate Your True Talent!

We’re calling it the greatest industry event EVER in the history of industry events! Yes, it’s time once again to call for entries for the annual B&T Awards 2015 all proudly supported by our good friends at the MultiChannelNetwork, or MCN to you and me.

It’s the gongs that recognise greatness, that cut the wheat from the industry chaff, that say “I’m a winner, where’s my goddamn pay rise?” And all wrapped up in neatly presented Perspex statuettes handed out – in what’s certain to be – a very ribald awards ceremony which, once again, will hopefully feature overweight men dancing.

B&T awards

Today is our very first call for nominations which will then be lead through a long and twisted judging process that will eventually have us arrive at a fantastic award-giving gala event – to be held for the very first time in beautiful Melbourne!!! – on 4th December 2015.

For all all the categories and details on how to enter check out this link here.

Think you’re no chance? Think you’re a half a chance? Well, there’s pretty much a category for just about everybody so that all adds up to you being a very good chance indeed.

Categories include the much sort after agency of the year. There’s best ad campaign, best digital campaign, best media campaign, best PR campaign, best use of social media, and even one for the content marketers out there.

If you love your company more than your own family, vote for it too in the best employer of the year category. Although, sadly, there’s no worst employer of the year category (which had the potential to be quite good fun, indeed). There’s even a gong for the young achiever, marketing team and media sales team who’s bought home the respective bacon for 2015.

“The B&T Awards remain the industry event of the year. Sure, you see a few impostors now and then but they pale into insignificance in comparison,” said David Hovenden, B&T’s editor-in-chief.

“Although I have no great memory of it at all, I think if you asked anyone who attended last year’s event it was actually quite memorable. And because we like to set the trend, this year we’ll be taking the whole gala soriee down south for a long-awaited and much-deserved Melbourne debut.

“And a B&T Award is true recognition for the outstanding talent we have in the Australian media and marketing landscape. It’s just reward for astonishing work and an impressive edition to any agency’s curriculum vitae,” Hovenden said. “And can do wonders for a winner’s sex appeal.”

But be quick – entires close 28th of August 2015.


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