@TheTweetOfGod Calls It Quits On Twitter Account

@TheTweetOfGod Calls It Quits On Twitter Account

Former Daily Show with Jon Stewart writer and producer David Javerbaum the man behind the Twitter handle for God has called it quits. The account @TheTweetOfGod has inspired a book and a Broadway play An Act of God.

The account has been around since 2010, has over two million followers but only follows one person- Justin Bieber. Here’s just some of the hilarious things God tweeted over the past few years:

California Public Radio website The Frame interviewed Javerbaum about speaking for the Almighty and why he left.

You’re discontinuing God’s Twitter feed. The last joke will be about Scalia — did that just feel right?

“I’d been thinking about it for a while and then that hack happened. And then by coincidence that morning [that Scalia died] Stephen Fry said he was leaving Twitter. Now Stephen Fry is one of my huge heroes. And he just had enough of Twitter. He had told a joke — a very harmless joke in his opinion and in my opinion too — and just got a lot of grief and just said, You know what, this is not worth it.”

What will you miss most about not being God anymore?

“Well, I never claimed to be God… That’s not true — in interviews I don’t claim to be God. I think the thing I’ll miss most is the thing I’m leaving deliberately. You tweet something and immediately you see people retweeting it and it feels like, Oh, you have made people laugh. You have caused people to react. And it’s a rush. It’s a limbic brain rush to do that.

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