There’s A New Analytics Tool For Advertisers: Einsights

There’s A New Analytics Tool For Advertisers: Einsights

A new artificial intelligence-based business analytics tool has been developed to help agencies present meaningful results to the brand. It’s called Einsights.

Einsights managing director Sandeep Rao (pictured above) said agencies need to provide hard data to prove to the client that their campaigns have delivered value ─ such as conversion rates, spend optimisation  brand equity improvement, and return on investment. He said Einsights’ analytics is able to aggregate that data from all forms of traffic including Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Adwords, LinkedIn, SEO tools, Adobe  etc into a dashboard for 24/7 delivery via mobile or web access.

“Conversion rate optimisation is one of the key elements for most agencies, for example, maximising the number of people clicking on a campaign call-to-action or effecting a commercial transaction on the website. However, agencies aren’t necessarily cut out to do analytics,” said Rao.

“A significant chunk of their deliverable to the brands include providing tangible data points on the success or failure of their campaigns. They also need to remain on top of the campaigns to ensure they can react instantly to a changing scenario.  To do this, they deal in all forms of social media traffic and are struggling to pull it all together for their clients.

“Einsights analytics gathers all this information together and auto-syncs on a dashboard resulting in hard data being available 24/7. The tools automatically identify what has changed throughout the client’s campaigns, pull insights out of the data and draw conclusions from the data taking a lot of the heavy lifting away from the agency.  This means creatives can meet a client for a coffee, open up their iPad and say ‘here is how your campaign is tracking’, or the client can self-serve via the agency’s branded portal at any time.  The information is live which is ideal for client engagement.”

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