The Solution For Pre-Roll Video Inventory

The Solution For Pre-Roll Video Inventory

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Video ad inventory is being hounded, but some agencies can't keep up. Craig Galvin reckons he has found the answer.


Craig Galvin reckons he has a solution for the dearth of pre-roll video inventory that media buyers are increasing demanding.

Mr Galvin, an Australian based in New York, has started his own company, Commercialize​ TV, which connects advertisers with top-rating content creators on existing social media platforms, such as YouTube.

“For instance, if every night you’re creating a piece of content and pushing up on YouTube and grabbing a whole bunch of people who love that content, then we would approach you and say ‘why don’t we manage you on your behalf and pitch you to advertising agencies’,” said Mr Galvin.

This method allows advertisers to target niche markets. For example if a YouTube user was posting running shoe reviews and attracting hundreds of thousands of hits, it might provide an ideal match with a sports apparel company such as Nike or Adidas.

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