The Hayne Plane Takes Off All The Way To The Investment Bank!

Jarryd Hayne announces his NFL signing with the San Francisco 49ers in Sydney, Tuesday, Mar. 3, 2015. T(AAP Image/Nikki Short) NO ARCHIVING

Following on from last week’s announcement that Jarryd Hayne had signed a mega deal with US sportswear company Under Armour comes news over the weekend that he has inked a six-figure deal with an Aussie investment firm too.

Fairfax Media is reporting the league-convert has signed a four-year deal with Paradice Investments – a Sydney-based boutique funds management business.

What Hayne will be paid has not been disclosed, however, the CEO of the company, David Paradice, is reportedly captivated by Hayne’s journey form the NRL to the NFL.

“I was about to hop on a plane at Melbourne airport when I caught Jarryd Hayne talking about his departure from the NRL – I heard him say that the only reason he played footy was to buy his mum a house,” he told Fairfax.

“Now I like rugby league and I follow it but I don’t have a team – I instantly thought I liked this kid and I liked what he was about. I got on the plane and Alan Jones was on there.

“I approached him and asked him if he knew Jarryd – he said he did and he put me in touch with Wayne Beavis, his agent. I ended up having a meeting with Wayne and Jarryd when people were questioning why he’d do it. I wanted to make sure that Jarryd wasn’t the kind of kid who was going to spend the money on booze or put it up his nose – I came away so impressed with him and I knew then that I wanted to back him – especially as people were doubting him.

“I see this story as something like the America’s Cup story when we won with Australia II – it’s got that us-against-the-world feel. I always believe that determination can get you anywhere – and it overrides ability.”

Paradice said he eventually had a meeting with Hayne in San Francisco – home to Hayne’s new team the 49ers.

“We talked about the tax system in America and he asked plenty of questions and he really got it … he was just impressive. I thought we’d give the deal a trial run when he came back to Australia when he had his foot injury – I got a dozen clients together for a dinner at Spice Temple and they just loved hearing from him.

“We didn’t sign a deal and as the hype started to get out of control I said to Wayne if the time had past and he had other things rolling in I understood – but Wayne was good to his word and we did a deal.”

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