The Hat Tip: Friday September 6

The Hat Tip: Friday September 6

It’s that time of the week again – time for the Friday Hat Tip of web delights.

This week’s selection of internet gems, compiled by Hardhat Digital, includes a random collection of objects cut in half, just for the hell of it, and a kind of language test to see how many you can recognise.

First up, how much thought do you give to pressing the numbers on your phone? Probably very little, if any at all. But imagine if those numbers were laid out like a rainbow or a staircase. Back in the ’50s, Bell Labs put a lot of hard work into strategising and testing different number layouts.

Next up: lots of things cut in half. Looks weird. It is.

How multilingual are you? Test yourself with this simple – but addictive – game.

Try crossing Disney princesses with Instagram, and the results are pretty amusing. Someone has far too much time on their hands…

Now something a little more serious – the bracelet that could run your life, literally. Inventor Dr Karl Martin has come up with the Nymi, a bracelet that measures your heart’s electrical activity to identify you as you, and unlocks your phone, your house, your car and your credit card.

And another serious question: how do you know if the colours you see look the same shades to other people?

If you can’t speak Chinese, wouldn’t it be useful to have that skill? First stop: Chineasy.

Next is the quiz you have all been waiting for – the Crapper Mapper. Test your knowledge of the toilets of the world. Yes, really.

And to round off this week’s bunch, take a look at these amusing photos of celebs when they were young. George Clooney is a highlight. 

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