The Dannes Lions: Celebrating Comedy Ad Gold

The Dannes Lions: Celebrating Comedy Ad Gold

If you’ve created a hilarious, crazy laughter inducing, rib-hugging ad in the past two years, there’s a new award you can enter; Dannes Lions.

The Awards are real with the man behind it, commercial director Daniel Sheppard,confirming to B&T he’s had several entries.

He’s even gotten a few submissions from Australia.

“I can’t reveal any favourites, but I have a feeling Cannes and Dannes will be sharing some winners,” he said.

However, Sheppard is the only one judging the 100 winners, and it’s been tricky.

“Being the one and only judge has been fun, but very challenging,” he said. “A lot of disagreements between myselves.”

The Dannes Lions Awards calls for creatives and producers to submit the funniest ad they’ve made within the past two years.

“This is a very exciting day. For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by advertising and the idea of mixing my own body with a lion’s body and turning it into a trophy,” said Sheppard in his own press release.

“This is an effort to celebrate both. While we have some budgetary limitations because this is our first year, we hope that what we lack in Rosé, we make up for in mostly safe drinking water.”

The Awards has also released a hilarious call for entries video.

On last look, the Dannes Lions had received 413 submissions.

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