The Best Moment On Radio Is When You Get The Giggles: Dave Hughes

The Best Moment On Radio Is When You Get The Giggles: Dave Hughes

Radio can be a tough gig – early mornings, late nights, the constant need to be entertaining – and yet for Dave Hughes, stand-up comedian and one half of radio duo Hughesy and Kate, the best time on radio is when you get the giggles.

“You get the giggles because she might have said something inappropriate, or I’ve said something inappropriate and she’s realised and you sort of can’t stop laughing,” he said.

“It doesn’t happen that often but when it does it’s joyful.”

Chatting to B&T about the current radio industry at a celebration event last week for the Australian Radio Network’s KIIS duo – Dave “Hughesy” Hughes and Kate Langbroek – finding the chemistry between hosts is paramount, said Lambroek.

“You can see when shows have been put together in a laboratory and the chemical should work but it doesn’t quite,” she said. “We don’t have that problem, at all.”

Unsurprisingly, the duo are ecstatic about being broadcast nationally now. Listeners in Perth previously wouldn’t have heard the banter between the two before.

“We’ve got a lot of good feedback from different states, it’s good. We’ve also enjoyed our combination so it’s fun,” said Hughes.

When asked about the competition in the drive radio slot at the moment – being that Hamish and Andy have recently joined Southern Cross Austereo in the 4-6pm timeslot – Hughes said you just do what you have to do.

“If people like us, they like us,” he said.

Langbroek chimed in: “The competition, you know, they’re all different.”

And having a good breakfast radio team at the start of the day helps the drive guys do their bit.

“You want breakfast to do well,” said Langbroek, “because that helps you. You don’t want to be an island that people have to try and swim to every night. The stronger the various stations are, the stronger the breakfast shows are, the better.”

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