“Thanks For Getting Me Out Of Dad’s Balls!” Agency Unveils “Honest” Mother’s Day Cards!

“Thanks For Getting Me Out Of Dad’s Balls!” Agency Unveils “Honest” Mother’s Day Cards!

Not that B&T should have to remind you but it’s Mother’s Day this very Sunday, The day you celebrate your passage into this world via your mother’s rather tender private parts.

And if you’re stuck for the usual gift, save some service station chrysanthemums or a box of Cadbury Roses to commemorate mum’s day, perhaps an “Honest Mother’s Day” card could be just what you and mum are looking for.

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As the name suggests, the “Honest” cards comeswith witty but truthful messages for mum and are the work of two LA-based adlanders – copywriter Taylor Black and art director Clare Jensen –  who, somewhat, ironically work for the agency Mother. Check out the duo’s website here.

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You can pick from a range of nine “Honest” cards for mum, including any of these poignant but arguably rather tasteless messages:

  • “Thanks for getting me out of dad’s balls”
  • “Thank you for pushing my skull out of your vagina”
  • “Sorry I watered down your top-shelf liquor”
  • “I peed on you, puked on you, pooped on you and lied to you and you still love me… Thank you.”
  • “Apologies for the stretch marks and the stress lines”
  • “I don’t blame you for my knobby knees and frizzy hair. Well, I do, but not today”
  • “Sorry for biting your nipple when I was six months old”
  • “You’ve taught me everything… including the foul language”
  • “Nobody makes a sandwich like you. Nobody”

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Commenting on their “Honest” card range, Jensen told US industry site Adweek: “Look, mom should be celebrated way more than just one day out the year, no doubt. But we’re definitely not mad at the fact that a single day exists for us to stop and appreciate the woman who brought us into this world.

“We just feel like if we’re going to make a stink about it and do something for mom on this day, doing it with honesty and personality is what she’d appreciate most.”

Yet, such has been the positive reception to their stab at Mother’s Day greetings, the duo are reportedly looking at turning their card-making hand to other occasions, too.

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