Tesla Space Launch Becomes The Most Stunning (& Expensive) Car Ad Ever!

Tesla Space Launch Becomes The Most Stunning (& Expensive) Car Ad Ever!

Billionaire big brain Elon Musk has shot possibly the most beautiful car advertisement ever after he fired his very own red Tesla electric car into space on one of his own rockets yesterday and then filmed the whole thing.

The car was aboard Musk’s SpaceX rocket which cost $US90 million ($A115 million) to build and took off from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. It’s hoped that the rocket (and the car) will eventually find its way to Mars, or simply keep on going to the outer ends of the cosmos.

However, there has been reports this morning that the car’s found itself off target and is apparently heading towards an asteroid field.

Interestingly, the rocket – said to be the most powerful ever built – was only given a 50-50 chance of not exploding mid-flight.

The car was attached to the rocket’s upper stage with the words “Don’t panic!” written on the dashboard (a reference to Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) and the driver’s seat containing a mannequin called Starman wearing a spacesuit and accompanied by a looped version of David Bowie’s Life on Mars.

The space man also carries a note intended for any passing aliens that reads, “Made on Earth by humans”. Check out the amazing footage above, which hopefully may also put an end to those doubting “flat earthers”.

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