Ten’s Bachelorette Smashes Rival Networks For Most Watched Show Of The Night

Ten’s Bachelorette Smashes Rival Networks For Most Watched Show Of The Night

There are two types of people in this world, those who love a bit of Bachie action, and those who hate it. If you’re the latter, please leave. As for the former, let’s get into it.

Channel Ten’s The Bachelorette, featuring the decidedly adorable girl-next-door (and aptly named) Georgia Love, wrapped up last night with one heck of a season finale. Love took her final two suitors to Singapore, and told host Osher that she’d “fallen madly in love”.

And the man she chose was Lee Elliott, although according to Twitter, it should’ve been the sweetheart, puppy-like lover Matty J. But more on that in a bit.

Per OzTAM figures, The Bachelorette Grand Finale rustled up just 790,000 viewers in the five metro cities, coming in sixth place behind Seven and Nine news. But it was the ‘Final Decision’ segment of the mammoth episode that took first place for the entire night, with 972,000 viewers tuning in to see Love choose handsome Lee as her prince.

The show was not only the highest rated entertainment show for the night, but also the highest rating show in total for Thursday night, ahead of Seven News, Today Tonight, and Nine News times two.

Perhaps strategically, it was placed on a night of minimal entertainment after Ten’s Survivor wrapped up earlier this week, and was rivalled only by Big Bang Theory repeats, ABC news and Home and Away.

Compared to the most recent Bachie series featuring Richie Strahan (and yet another favourite coming in second place), it pulled far fewer views for the initial episode than Strahan’s 1.3 million viewers. And compared to the last Bachelorette season featuring darling Sam Frost, it was far lower, with Frosty pulling 1.5 million viewers.

But enough ratings nonsense, here’s how the public reacted:



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