Ten Release Sophie Monk Trailer Ahead Of Bachelorette Debut

Ten Release Sophie Monk Trailer Ahead Of Bachelorette Debut

A vulnerable Sophie opens up about wanting to find forever love in an extended sneak peek of The Bachelorette Australia, coming soon to the Ten Network.

In an honest and candid interview, the singer and actor explains her thoughts on being Australia’s next Bachelorette.

“I know I’m not the typical Bachelorette. I’m 37. I’m a massive bogan. But I really hope Australia understands that I want to find something genuine and they back me on this and don’t think I’m a tool, to be honest,” she said.

“But I am so awkward [and] the worst flirt you’ve ever met. I get really nervous and it’s just embarrassing when I’m on a date.”

 Monk goes on to explain how a life in the spotlight has kept her from finding the type of love most people find.

“Living in LA for 10 years, I’ve dated actors and rock stars. I think they’ve fallen in love with my image, not with me,” she said.

“Because I’ve played roles that are quite sexy and promiscuous, people think I’m like that. That’s probably why I attract the wrong guys, too. That’s one thing I regret. I feel like I chose my career and you can’t really have both.”

A teary Monk continues: “I’m just here because I want to find a good man, that I think would be a good father, and just someone that loves me.

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